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02 October 2017 @ 03:27 am
Pathfinder: Brendan Session 9  
After looting the dead devil and assassins we pushed further on into the 4th floor and found...A FINELY MADE BOOKMARK!  With the royal crest on it.  Later we get ambushed by another group of Red Mantis assassins, flinging firebombs from the rafters.  During the fight the RMA leader shows up, all invisible and probably blinking.  She manages to do some decent damage on Krogar with his autocrit vulnerability but barely survives one of his autocrit attacks.  A dimensional anchor from Silius keeps her from escaping while we finish this batch of assassins.

After a brief post-battle healing and looting we continue on, finding an apparently empty room that, after further investigation, reveals an installed phase door.  Testing that we work out that it can be activated by the royal seal, which we have because of that bookmark.  The magical door leads to the Queen's private offices with her assassin and devil contracts and several high level spell scrolls.  This completes the Prove the Crimes of the Queen part of our check-list.  So we head out to set up a meet with the rebel leaders and turn over our new evidence.

Still some a missing priest to locate.  As well as some devils, a Bloat Wizard (whatever that is) and the new Grey Maiden leader to dispose of before going after the three-souled Queen.  Oh and some kind of Blood Pact she set up involving the city residents that also involves those of us who've visited Korvoso in the past.  And of course I've got that Lavish Weddding to set up for Harrow Deck gained djinn fiance.

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