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10 October 2017 @ 02:52 am
Streaming Watch 9/25 - 10/9/17  
<i>Norsemen s.1</i>.  A parody of <i>Vikings</i> but  I only managed like two and a half episodes, including the last one.  I guess I just don't get Scandinavian humor.

<i>Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon</i>.  Korean drama about a young woman with super strength and a standard K-drama love triangle.  Plus gangsters, a serial kidnapper obsessed with Bluebeard and a teen fan club.  At sixteen episodes, each over an hour long it does get a bit padded, especially in the latter third.

<b>Carol</b>.  Wealthy society wife begins relationship with shop girl in the 1950s.  Cate Blanchet & Rooney Mara.

<i>Cleverman s.2</i>.  Continuing Aussie supers drama with continuing division between "normal" humans and the Hairies. 
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