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21 October 2017 @ 07:51 am
Pathfinder: Brendan Session 10  
With the delivery of various documents, infernal contracts and such to the Korvosan rebel leadership the streets were once again safe.  Well safe enough for our party to buy and sell plundered goods without too much risk of the Queen's killers.  But since the city only had limited total cash reserves, most of our looted magical swag was exchanged for an airship.  Brendan still wouldn't let me add cannons.  After that was research into the best customs and celebrations to use for my upcoming wedding to Jeanie the Efreetess.  Efreetina?  Efreetah?

And with shopping and other bookkeeping accomplished we headed back to the castle to root out any remaining lieutenants.  I mean we got sort of ambushed by a patrol of Grey Maidens along the way, but the mostly fell to Sillius' glyph of stunning.  Then it was onto to the secret armory entrance and a trio of barbed devil brothers.  Who ended up fleeing after only a couple rounds after one of them was pretty quickly dispatched by Krogar and the party made their saves against their best attack.  Still a victory is a victory.
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