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31 October 2017 @ 03:46 am
Streaming Watch 10/23-10/30  
Ip Man, Ip Man 2 & Ip Man 3: The bit I like best about Donnie Yen is how he spends 90% of the time being the chillest dude who knows he could kick a dude's skull off but doesn't need to show it.  Until the bad guys murder one of his friends or threaten his kid or something and then he just starts destroying people.  Also the 3rd movie has Mike Tyson as the bad guy for the first half of the movie.

Stranger Things s.2:  More 80s call backs.  Helped along with the addition of Sean Astin & Paul Reiser to the cast.  Also new monster from the Upside Down, more psychic kids with punk rock gangs and Cali skate board girls.

Ip Man: the Final Fight:  Not really a 4th movie in the series as a reboot.  Also one that doesn't really seem to flow well as an actual story.