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07 November 2017 @ 03:14 am
Streaming Watch 10/30 - 11/6/17  
Big Mouth s.1:   This show definitely needs to decide on what level of magical realism they're going for. Also hanging a lampshade on a questionable or problematic joke or subject doesn't autocorrect it. I kind of enjoyed it, cause there was an awful lot of talent involved.

Little Evil:  For a horror/comedy this take on the Omen delivers strongly on the comedy but doesn't really pull of the horror.  Not really even in the part where Kid Satan is burying Adam Scott alive around the mid-point.

Lost City of Z:  Long movie is long.  also despite being an actual British person I think Hunnam was the only one to pronounce it zee instead of zed.  Or maybe he didn't.  I kind of lost focus on the movie while playing it in the background.  So long.  So much patronizing white dudes.

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