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14 November 2017 @ 04:48 am
Streaming Watch 11/6 - 11/13/17  
the Babysitter: Horror/Comedy about a kid who finds out his hot babysitter is the leader of a Satanic murder cult.  Judah Lewis does a pretty good job as the Cole, the kid.  First as the nervous, often bullied, generally afraid kid.  Then playing up the shock and horror of seeing his babysitter, who he saw as an older friend and was crushing on, murder a dude.  And then stepping up against the muder cult in a more lethal <i>Home Alone</i> battle.  Robbie "Brother of Arrow" Amell is also surprisingly amusing as the jock murder cultist.

Sea Oak (pilot):  Amazon Prime pilot.  Glenn Close is a timid & over-worked senior living with her two dead-beat nieces (and their respective babies) and good-natured nephew.  And then she dies.  And then she comes back as some kind of pissed-off revenant.  Thats it, thats the pilot.

Lady Dynamite s.2:  More Maria Bahmford oddness, exploring living with mental illness, friendship and melding your life with a partner.  Plus dog hypnotists, Elon Musk A.Is and other weirdness.

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