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15 December 2017 @ 05:03 am
Streaming Watch 12/4 - 12/11  
Ozark s.1: Drags a bit in places, but an excellent cast, especially Bateman and hillbilly girl.  I almost thought the season would end on a note too dark for me to come back, but they swerve and end on a very slightly upbeat note.
Easy  s.2:  More of the low-key relationship comedy and drama as before.  Several characters return (including Maron's Indie Comix guy & Jacqueline Toboni's lesbian activist).  My only issue was the episode where the 18-year old high school gives away all her savings to spite her parents for making her go to church.  And thats mostly 'cause I can't even conceive of just tossing away what is TWO years of my earnings to prove some kind of half-assed point.

Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2 : Just as good as a rewatch.
Bushwick: The set-up is kind of dumb in that idiot racists decide Texas will secede from the union, joined by various other Southern states.  Again.  This time they'll get the federal government to capitulate by taking the 5 Burroughs hostage.  Because no ones armed there and so it'll be easy.  I mean at least the New Confederacy or whatever they called themselves are shown to be more than a little dumb.  But despite that its actually an entertaining movie.  Stars Dave Bautista and Bethany Snow are both better than I'd expected.  Ending goes a bit grimmer than I was expecting though.
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