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20 December 2017 @ 10:18 pm
Star Wars: the Last Jedi  
One of the better entries for the franchise.  Fun and fast-paced.  Sure, its full of the normal logic flaws of a movie about space wizards.  Like why do the space bombers, which are flying in space, have to get into position to DROP exploding balls onto a target, which is also a ship flying in space.  But it manages to mostly avoid blatantly lifting plot points from the original trilogy like "Force Awakens" did, while still having homage sequences.  And perhaps a smidgen too much of the cute alien future-plushy critters.  But even before it became part of Disney, the series has always been very toy adjacent.

Plus lots of good actors doing a good job.  Even if I'm not sure what Del Toro's character's name was.  And Levine makes the whole Angriest Sith Boy thing work better this time around.  So over all a good Star War.
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