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23 December 2017 @ 04:45 am
Pathfinder: Brendan Session 14  
 This session much time was spent trying and failing to order food.  So I didn't get the lamb platter from the Grekkie place nearby.  :(
Presents were given out though.  :)

After that we met with the evil "Queen" and several of her advisers, guards and some big-ass variant hell hounds.  Said Queen started making with the threats and offers of vague amnesty and so on.  So I shot her in the face with magic missiles pre-initiative.  Then once the fight actually started Mat's wizard stabbed his magic sword into the ground.  Which summoned a character level +2 paladin for an hour.  Not surprisingly this addition meant the fight only went a couple rounds.  Also not surprisingly the "Queen" was some kind of blood-magic clone.  Then post-fight Krogar the Ultimate Fight sat on the throne and got cursed with a -10 to STR & INT.  And we'll need to hit him with a remove curse and a heal.  So he's kind of stuck until tomorrow.

After that we continued sweeping the floor, eventually ending up at the Queen's bedroom.  Where we encounter the bloat wizard and some kind of three-headed worm-like arch-devil.  So thats where we broke for the night.  Happily we still have the summoned level 19 paladin for another half-hour of in-game time.  :)
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