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06 January 2018 @ 04:02 pm
Pathfinder: Brendan Session 15  
This week we fought a bloat wizard and some devils. The spiked ones who got away from us in the armory lo these many weeks ago.  But that poor evil wizard did not have things go its way. Bill's cleric and the summoned paladin reflected his big mass damage spell back on him and then our witch turned him to stone. And then Matt tried to dump the turned to stone bloat wizard into a summoned hungry pit.  To finish him off, from his mindless, statue, essentially DEAD state.  Like 20% of the time Matt's "creativity" can be pure genius.  And 50% of the time its just background sillyness.  And then 30% of the time you want to have someone sit on his character and make them not do anything.

Anyway this led to Matt wandering off invisibly, accompianied by all the pirate swears for almost costing us major NPC loot and important story moving forward clues.  Where he got attacked, by the arch-devil, nearly killed and 'ported away by his contingency spell.  Then we had to break before the fight with the arch devil since Frazer had to get home and relieve the babysitter.