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16 January 2018 @ 01:21 am
Streaming Watch 1/1 - 1/15/18  
1/1 - 1/18
Travelers s.1

1/8 - 1/15
Travelers s.2:  A fairly clever time travel show.  Basically future people live in underground bunkers 'cause everything is total shit.  So to fix that they've figured out a way to send peoples minds back in time.  Where they can then overwrite someone in the past.  But for ethics reasons they only pick people who would have died in the next moment anyway.  Good cast led by Will from Will & Grace.  Season 2 adds Enrico Colantoni so thats cool.
Brawl in Cell Block 99:  I never would have thought you could base a brutal prison fight movie around Vince Vaughn.  Like when watching Fred Claus I didn't think, I wish I could have a movie where that guy just punches some dude's face off.  And yet it all works out pretty well.  Vaughn does the quiet yet sarcastic brooder with giant depths of violent rage quite well.

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