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21 January 2018 @ 08:03 am
Pathfinder: Brendan Session 16  
What could easily have been one of the more difficult battles (with a three-headed Belial devil) went relatively easy.  Because we still had a 19th level Paladin backing us.  And a pretty perfectly tricked out one at that.  Multiple beneficial Auras, channel smite and regular smite did Ol' Maggotty in.  Along with the wizard keeping it in combat with a teleport anchor and then a wall of force.  Oh and the cleric's summoned celestial mastadon, which landed the actual killing blow.

So that finished off clearing out the Evil Queen's Castle of Evil.  Not that she was there, being off in a different dungeon prepping her Spell of Ultimate Super Evil Horribleness.  But that final two sessions meant Fenyx, my magus and Frazer's Krogar the fighter finally hit level 16.  The others, with there magic card level ups still have a bit to go to reach 17.  I'm happy with my new magus arcana, +1 to STR and bumps to saves and other associated stats.  Plus checking my sheet I see I already have several dragon scales from the last module for my new dragon's breath spell.

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