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Streaming Watch 1/15 - 1/29

Have been slacking off on doing these, so here is the rest of January.
Tom Segara: Disgraceful.  Good comic, though really only the bit about being from a multigenerational Spanish family and blowing other white dudes minds with his fluent espanol has stuck in my memory.
Grace & Frankie s.4:  The Grace/Frankie bits concentrate more on the difficulties of aging.
DevilMan: CryBaby.  Was that how this thing ended in the original anime?  'Cause What? The? FUCK?
Godzilla - Planet of the Monsters:  Hah hah stupid humans, you thought you were takin' down Big G but it was only Gadzookie.

Schitt's Creek s.1:  Eugene Levy and Catherine O'Hara are the Roses who are millionaires who have their business manager steal their fortune after not paying their taxes for years.  So the government seizes pretty much all their assets, except for the town they bought as a joke.  So the family has to move into the town of Schitt's Creek.  Funny show.  Even Chris Elliott is good in it.
One Day at a Time s.2:   New romances and more family drama for the rebooted series.

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