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50 Things I Love About Superhero Comics meme

1. Convention road trips

2. Rocket Raccoon

3. Fin Fang Foom put you in his pants!

4. Talking gorillas

5. Kurt Busiek's Astro City

6. Man-eating cow eats snipers

7. Rorsarch - Even in the face of destruction, no compromise!

8. The Image Universe vs. Topps Martians

9. Batman can take Captain America. Accept it. Move on.

10. Bouncing Boy is married to Triplicate Girl

11. Aztek sacrifices himself against Mageddon

12. Guy Gardner. Batman. One punch!

13. No matter who the opponent is, Spidey cracks wise

14. Adam Warren's Empowered

15. Madman, Hellboy and Savage Dragon can share a universe

16. James Robinson's Starman

17. Keith Giffen's Justice League

18. Officer Smax, Neopollis PD

19. Suicide Squad

20. Power Pack vs. Dr. Doom

21. Space Moooooooooooooose!

22. Forge: 'Nam vet. Cyborg. Mutant inventor. Shaman.

23. Aquaman, Ruler of the 7 Seas

24. Silver-Age SuperDickery

25. Nothing stops the Juggernaut!

26. Spoooooooooon!

27. Fabian Nieceza's New Warriors

28. Norman Osborn, he so crazy

29. Punching Nazis in the face

30. Dinosaurs!

31. Hulk SMASH!

32. Buddy Baker busts thru the 4th Wall.

33. Peter & MJ. Ralph & Sue. Clark & Lois. Do not fuck with the OTP.

34. Kang!

35. ps238. For great justice!

36. Aliens give out magic wishing rings

37. Venom will eat your brain

38. Grant Morrison's JLA

39. Max Lord is NOT a homicidal, meglomanical sociopath.

40. Jonah Hex has lived in the future

41. Legacy heroes

42. Kid sidekicks

43. Dr. Strange. World's pimpest cape

44. Invincible stands against his father

45. The Rogues

46. Big Barda will wreck your shit

47. Teen-agers with pet dinosaurs

48. BAMF!

49. Blood Syndicate represents

50. Because it bears repeating. New Warriors. Warriors 4 Ever. Fuck Iron Man.
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