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Pathfinder: Brendan Session 16

What could easily have been one of the more difficult battles (with a three-headed Belial devil) went relatively easy.  Because we still had a 19th level Paladin backing us.  And a pretty perfectly tricked out one at that.  Multiple beneficial Auras, channel smite and regular smite did Ol' Maggotty in.  Along with the wizard keeping it in combat with a teleport anchor and then a wall of force.  Oh and the cleric's summoned celestial mastadon, which landed the actual killing blow.

So that finished off clearing out the Evil Queen's Castle of Evil.  Not that she was there, being off in a different dungeon prepping her Spell of Ultimate Super Evil Horribleness.  But that final two sessions meant Fenyx, my magus and Frazer's Krogar the fighter finally hit level 16.  The others, with there magic card level ups still have a bit to go to reach 17.  I'm happy with my new magus arcana, +1 to STR and bumps to saves and other associated stats.  Plus checking my sheet I see I already have several dragon scales from the last module for my new dragon's breath spell.

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Streaming Watch 1/1 - 1/15/18

1/1 - 1/18
Travelers s.1

1/8 - 1/15
Travelers s.2:  A fairly clever time travel show.  Basically future people live in underground bunkers 'cause everything is total shit.  So to fix that they've figured out a way to send peoples minds back in time.  Where they can then overwrite someone in the past.  But for ethics reasons they only pick people who would have died in the next moment anyway.  Good cast led by Will from Will & Grace.  Season 2 adds Enrico Colantoni so thats cool.
Brawl in Cell Block 99:  I never would have thought you could base a brutal prison fight movie around Vince Vaughn.  Like when watching Fred Claus I didn't think, I wish I could have a movie where that guy just punches some dude's face off.  And yet it all works out pretty well.  Vaughn does the quiet yet sarcastic brooder with giant depths of violent rage quite well.


The Shape of Water

Its a tale as old as time.  Lonely woman meets handsome stranger and falls in love.  Sure the stranger is an abducted semi-amphibious fish-man being studied in a secret government lab.  An off-beat love story set in Cold War Baltimore, where mute Eliza (Sally Hawkings) falls for the captive Amphibian Man (Doug Jones).  So she works to free him from the brutal security chief Strickland (Michael Shannon), aided by her friends Zelda (Octavia Spencer) and Giles (Richard Jenkins) and scientist Hoffstetler (Michael Stuhlbarg).  Director Guillermo del Toro crafts a visual stunning romance mixed with elements of a spy thriller.
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Pathfinder: Brendan Session 15

This week we fought a bloat wizard and some devils. The spiked ones who got away from us in the armory lo these many weeks ago.  But that poor evil wizard did not have things go its way. Bill's cleric and the summoned paladin reflected his big mass damage spell back on him and then our witch turned him to stone. And then Matt tried to dump the turned to stone bloat wizard into a summoned hungry pit.  To finish him off, from his mindless, statue, essentially DEAD state.  Like 20% of the time Matt's "creativity" can be pure genius.  And 50% of the time its just background sillyness.  And then 30% of the time you want to have someone sit on his character and make them not do anything.

Anyway this led to Matt wandering off invisibly, accompianied by all the pirate swears for almost costing us major NPC loot and important story moving forward clues.  Where he got attacked, by the arch-devil, nearly killed and 'ported away by his contingency spell.  Then we had to break before the fight with the arch devil since Frazer had to get home and relieve the babysitter.
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Streaming Watch 12/25 - 1/1/18

the Crown s.2:  Although the final episode of the season is a bit muddled and weaker-overall, still a lot of greatness covering mostly the 60s era of Queen Elizabeth.  Claire Foy still manages to convey an amazing range in simple silent sequences or with an arched eyebrow.  She will be especially missed as they change casts for the next season.
Black Mirror s.4:  Very strong overall.  Stand-outs for me are gamer entitlement culture call-out "U.S.S. Callister" & the survival horror "Metalhead".  Others love "Hang the DJ", which while I liked the finish seemed to drag a bit in the middle.  I also had to skip the gorier bits in the first part of the anthology within the anthology finisher "Black Museum".


This week saw Downsizing which was mostly clever and funny. In it a method of shrinking organic matter down to a fraction of its original size safely is discovered.  So a Matt Damon sized-human would end up being like 5 inches tall.  Within a decade communities of the Small spring up around the world, for both environmental and economic reasons.  Damon and Christopher Waltz were good as always. But Hong Chau's Ngoc Lan Tran was the definite stand-out.
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Streaming Watch 12/11 - 12/25

the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel s.1: The series dragged a little bit in the middle, but the acting was first rate.  Tony Shaloub and Kevin Pollack made me want to see more of their father characters.  And the same for would-be manager Susie, played by Alex Borstein.  But Rachel Brosnahan's lead was a delight, especially during the stand-up segments.
Disjointed s.1:  I should have ignored a friend's recomendation of this one once I saw Chuck Lorre's name combined with a laugh track.  Not even Kathy Bates or Richard Kind in the final episode could pull up this stinker.

Life in PIeces s.1:  This CBS comedy seems to work much better being binged.  Especially with the removal of the commercial interuptions between the multiple stories in each episode.  A few dull or dumb portions I ended up fast forwarding, but stellar cast and some (mostly) sharp writing.

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Pathfinder: Brendan Session 14

 This session much time was spent trying and failing to order food.  So I didn't get the lamb platter from the Grekkie place nearby.  :(
Presents were given out though.  :)

After that we met with the evil "Queen" and several of her advisers, guards and some big-ass variant hell hounds.  Said Queen started making with the threats and offers of vague amnesty and so on.  So I shot her in the face with magic missiles pre-initiative.  Then once the fight actually started Mat's wizard stabbed his magic sword into the ground.  Which summoned a character level +2 paladin for an hour.  Not surprisingly this addition meant the fight only went a couple rounds.  Also not surprisingly the "Queen" was some kind of blood-magic clone.  Then post-fight Krogar the Ultimate Fight sat on the throne and got cursed with a -10 to STR & INT.  And we'll need to hit him with a remove curse and a heal.  So he's kind of stuck until tomorrow.

After that we continued sweeping the floor, eventually ending up at the Queen's bedroom.  Where we encounter the bloat wizard and some kind of three-headed worm-like arch-devil.  So thats where we broke for the night.  Happily we still have the summoned level 19 paladin for another half-hour of in-game time.  :)