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A Descent into Dullness

or Fat Boy Mutters to Self

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Hello. I'm a moody, fat guy. I'm also a gamer and comics geek and sarcastic. Plus I end paragraphs with ellipses for NO REASON...

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My Chore Wars character
"weird al" yankovic, 100 bullets, 8bit theatre, adrian tchaikovsky, advanced dungeons & dragons, alien legion, apathetic nihilism, astro city, barenaked ladies, barry ween, bernard cornwell, bigby wolf, bill hicks, bordertown, brian azzarello, brian wood, buck godot, buffy the vampire slayer, calvin & hobbes, carla speed mcneil, castle waiting, colleen coover, comics, cowboy bebop, cowboy mouth, cyberpunk, d&d minis, d'shai, dirk gently, discworld, due south, emperor norton i, erik larsen, erotica, evil kittens, ewoks, fables, fading suns, fantasy books, farscape, finder, firefly, first comics, flcl, flogging molly, flying monkeys, folk music, folk-punk, fred van lente, futurama, fuzzy knights, gamer comics, gaming, george r.r. martin, get fuzzy, girl genius, glen cook, gnolls, grimjack, hackmaster, havelock vetinari, invincible, ironclaw, jasper fforde, jawas, jeff parker, jim butcher, john constantine, johnny cash, joss whedon, kevin smith, keyoot keetooms, kim newman, kittens, kobolds, kodt, kurt busiek, lilo & stitch, money for nuthin, monkey butler, mst3k, muppets, nap time, neal stephenson, neil gaiman, new warriors, phil foglio, poison elves, post-apocalyptic fiction, power pack, ps238, queen & country, richard sharpe, ring of fire, robert b parker, rocket raccoon, roger zelazny, role-playing games, rpgs, s*p, sam raimi, samuel vimes, samurai comics, sarcasm, savage dragon, science fiction, scifi books, scott lynch, sean bean, sedentary lifestyle, sifl & olly, sitting in the rain, small favors, small press comics, snarkoleptics, something positive, stealing other people's interests, steampunk, stephanie plum, steve jackson games, suicide squad, suikoden ii, superheroes, supervillainy, tamora pierce, tanya huff, terry pratchett, the daily show, the dollyrots, the venture bros., the wire, they might be giants, thieves' world, urban fantasy, usagi yojimbo, vertigo comics, warren ellis, warren zevon, webcomics, websnark, what's new, xxxenophile, yotsuba&!